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What is Army Soap?

Army Soap is a trademark brand of speciality products for camping, hunting and extended expeditions into the outdoors wildlife.

Our first product to roll out is our signature bar soap. This soap is the ideal cleansing product for serious campers and explorers planning on hiking and being outdoors.

Why use a bar form of soap?

Bar form is dense and provides more soap than liquid form. A bar easily packs with your gear. A bar soap does not need a separate container - it's simple. On the other hand, liquid soap is heavy because it's mostly water, and the bottle container can break.

What makes Army Soap special for outdoors use?

When you are outdoors, you are susceptable to an environment very different from the city life.

You're exercising and creating lots of sweat and resultant odors, making you more of a target to insect prey, and stinging animals like ticks, chiggers, bees and spiders. You're prone to getting scratched by tree branches, or scraped by rocks and tree trunks, etc.

This is a hostile environment to the uninitiated. You need to also be on the lookout for bacteria, fungus and the results on your human skin protection system. Get as much help as you can. Stay clean, and it's a good idea to use a natural armor - like sulphur.

Army Soap is made with 10% high grade sulfur and speciality blended with a neutral soap base. Sulfur is antiseptic, antifungal. This soap fights off dirt, sweat, grime, bacteria, fungus, ticks, and other related animals / insects. It is also a good cleanser for mosquito bites to help prevent infection.

I read somewhere on the web that you want to use a soap that doesn't smell. But your soap smells. What's up with that?

That's a half-brainer, and needs the other half of the brain to help think it through. It's true that if you used a supermarket bar soap, most all of them have heavy frangrance especially the 'deodorant' bar soaps.

So the good thing is you wouldn't be walking through the forest smelling like lavender or roses and wondering why bees are attacking you.

But your body is constantly oozing out sweat. And your sweat has all sorts of choice morsel waste products that are highly attractive to hungry pests. So even if you use a non-fragranced soap to wash with, the problem is that you still have a massive skin target zone - your waste products on your skin.

So a little bit more thought and realize that Army Soap™ uses a high grade small mesh sulfur powder that embeds into your skin pores with the wash. Those pests don't like sulfur, and once they learn there is sulfur on their new landing site, they relaunch to find a less hostile / more attractive environment.

Thus, in the think through process, you see the solution. Suds up with Army Soap™ . And that includes your dirty socks, too.

What is good about Army Soap?

It's a great cleanser at the campsite, or by the river or water source. Sulfur repels ticks, chiggers. Sulfur is anti-septic. Sulfur is anti-fungal. This soap has a very high grade sulfur - 10% by content. This is very concentrated and the sulfur powder is meshed for maximum performance. As a result, we are probably the fastest growing soap manufacturer in the world for speciality uses like this. People are smart. They just need good information to help things along, when comparing with those commercial supermarket brands of fancy logo, box soaps.

What is bad about Army Soap?

Army Soap is not for everyone.

If you're allergic to sulphur, don't use it. Also, sulfur is tough stuff and smells of course like sulfur. If you can't handle it, you may cry and not be happy about the smell. Word of advice, 'man up' if you plan to use this soap for the first time. It's not sissy soap.

Army Soap is designed for 21st-century, intelligent, rugged men who want a great outdoors soap and aren't worried about smelling like sulfur. Women can of course use the soap, too. Women who use it don't fear, except if they use hair dyes as the sulfur can discolor beauty shop hair dyes. Also, sulfur inherently tarnishes silver, so just be aware. If you hike with lots of silver jewelry on your body, maybe this soap is not for you. However, the greatest number of complaints from first time users are those city humans who think that Irish Spring™, or Dove™ are the ideal type of soaps to camp and expedition with. If using attractive perfumed & unmedicated soaps like this is what you think is smart for hunters/campers/outdoorsmen, then so be it. You get the message.

Is the actual Army Soap™ bar soap camoflauged?

No. Camo design configurated soap would involve using heavy color dyes and add a lot to cost. Most importantly, the natural color of Army Soap™ brand soap is earth tone, cream yellow. Very similar to the color of Earth element - Sulfur. It's made 10% of sulfur direct from nature's element. Simple.

How do I contact Army Soap?