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essential soap for hiking,camping,fishing

     This bar soap is ideal for Hunters, Outdoorsmen, Campers, and Armed Forces. A very high grade, premium 10% sulfur powder is blended into a neutral soap base. The result is one of the most effective natural agents to wash and cleanse your skin. Sulfur is antiseptic and antifungal. It's an excellent soap for cleaning scratches and minor abrasions prior to other forms of topical treatment. Sulfur is also a natural repellent to insects and animals such as bees, ticks, chiggers and malicious parasites such as bed bugs, etc.

Outdoor enthusiasts

     Besides washing your skin, can you also wash your clothes with it? Answer is yes. Plus, the bar form is a good scrubbing mechanism. It works well, and the sulfur stays in the fabric so you have more bug repellent. Win-win. Can you brush your teeth with it? Answer is yes. In fact, the sulfur residue on your toothbrush is a repellent for bacteria while not in use. Can you use it as a hair shampoo? Answer is yes, bar soap form is good for shampoo also. It does dry your scalp. If you have dandruff, this is a bonus because sulfur fights dandruff better than just about anything. Do US Armed Forces personnel purchase our soap? Answer is yes. Army, Navy, Air Force and US Coast Guard personnel. The federal government has not directly. Do you ship this soap everywhere in the world? Answer is yes. Except we do not ship to sanctioned countries - Iran, etc. Where do you ship from? Answer is Central Texas, town named Canyon Lake, Texas near Austin & San Antonio. We ship via the USPS Postal Service, including all Air packets worldwide. How do we pay? Answer is PayPal checkout below. We're honest & trustworthy, and we ship fast, don't worry. --- We offer special global pricing packages below. Try this great international shipping service, it is convenient for many people around the world. Sulfur is natural and our soap is not toxic. Some people may be allergic to sulfur. In this case, asdiscontinue use.

     Should you have any other questions about Army Soap, please email us. Our address is service at Final comment: keep it simple. This soap can be easily packed with your gear. Great outdoors soap like this is just as important as other essentials - stock up. Thanks. If you're a gun & ammo dealer or hunting gear shop who would like to carry this soap in your storefront, please let us know.

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A Six-pack of our original Army Soap™ brand of 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. via USPS Priority in a bubble pouch. Free shipping U.S.A. $20.00
An 8 pack of our original Army Soap™ brand of 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. via USPS Priority in a bubble pouch. Free shipping U.S.A. $24.98
A 12 pack of our original Army Soap™ brand of 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. via USPS Priority in a bubble pouch. Free shipping U.S.A. $35.00
Troop pack™ of 30 bars of our original Army Soap™ brand of 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. via USPS Priority Box - 2nd day air. Free shipping U.S.A. Great value. $79.95
Troop pack™ of 59 bars of our original Army Soap™ brand of 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. via USPS Priority Box - 2nd day air. Free shipping U.S.A. Great value. $149.95
Single Bar
to try & sample
Single bar- sample. Try Army Soap™ and see. This is great soap for camping, hiking, and other outdoor expeditions. You'll receive one bar of Army Soap™ brand, 10% sulfur soap, shipped anywhere U.S.A. in a brown bubble pouch. It will have a big stencilled 'S' punched in the soap. This price includes free shipping U.S.A. We keep it simple. $5.50
international including Canada
Worldwide! This four pack ships anywhere in the world via Global Post, regular First Class rate in a bubble pouch, containing 4 bars of Army Soap™. First Class International shipping. Our customers tell us that it takes from 9 days to 21 days. Order today, and we ship promptly. This rate ships everywhere, including Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Greenland and the North American Caribbean Islands. Yes, pricing includes full insurance. So no worries. $24.50
We're a global community - we ship camping soap worldwide to your home or workplace
For customers around the world who would like larger quantity (12 bars) of Army Soap™ & also receive it faster - we offer a special Priority service pack with faster delivery time. Customers in Europe, Canada, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia, esentially everywhere in the world- a ten bar pack of our Army Soap™, - SHIPPING cost is included. Your order arrives fast, via Jet Air Pak, within about 7 days of shipment ! Sometimes a few days longer, it depends on your country's import customs people. $69.12 USD
zu unseren Freunden mit Hautobachtproblemen in Deutschland - danke und wir hoffen, daß Sie unsere spezielle Seife mögen - wir interessieren uns für Hautobacht.
Spezielle Förderung für Kunden in Europa, in Südafrika, in Australien, in Südamerika und in Asien ein 12 Satz mit vier Stäben unserer neuen Seife Army, - VERSCHIFFEN IST FREI! Ihre Ordnung kommt schnell, über Strahl Luft Pak, innerhalb 7 Tage des Versandes an! $69.12 USD
nuestros amigos latinos y espanoles del mundo
Promoción especial para los clientes en Europa, Suráfrica, Australia, Suramérica, y Asia al paquete de doce barras de nuestro jabón Army, - el ENVÍO ESTÁ LIBRE! Su orden llega rápidamente, vía el aire Pak del chorro, en el plazo de approxima siete o diez días del envío! $69.12 USD
ai nostri amici con i problemi di cura della pelle in Italia - grazie e speriamo che gradiate il nostro sapone speciale - ci preoccupiamo per cura della pelle.
Promozione speciale per i clienti Europa, in Sudafrica, in Australia, in Sudamerica ed in Asia un pacchetto delle 12 barre del nostro nuovo sapone Army, - il TRASPORTO È LIBERO! Il vostro ordine arriva velocemente, via l' aria Pak del getto, entro 7-10 giorni della spedizione! $69.12 USD
Brasil e Portugal
a nossos amigos com problemas do cuidado da pele em Brasil e em Portugal - o agradeça e nós esperamos que você goste de nosso sabão - nós importamo-nos com o cuidado da pele Portugal
Especial para clientes em Europa, em África do Sul, em Austrália, em Ámérica do Sul, e em Ásia um o bloco de 12 barras de nosso sabão Army, - o TRANSPORTE ESTÁ LIVRE! Sua ordem chega rapidamente, através do ar Pak do jato, dentro de 7-10 dias ! $69.12 USD
59 BAR
Worldwide shipping, y tambien para nuestros amigos latinos y espanoles del mundo
This is a fully insured box of 59 bars Army Soap™ to ship anywhere in the world via Priority Air service - for customers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Carribean, South America, and Asia- a fifty-nine bar big box of our proprietary large bar Army Soap™ 10% sulfur soap, - SHIPPING IS FREE ! This shipping service uses FedEx Express aircraft and when it arrives in your country, it then is transported to your home or work address via postal courier. So it uses your own country's Post Express service for delivery once it arrives. $249.00

Paint-pack your Army Soap in your backpack with your other camping gear

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